StringTemplate 3 Documentation

Credits for StringTemplate

Terence Parr
University of San Francisco
Copyright 2003-2008
(BSD license)

C# version created by Kunle Odutola
Former user (Deleted)
Copyright 2005-2007
(ST# - C# StringTemplate released under BSD License)

Python version created by Marq Kole
marq DOT kole AT xs4all DOT nl
Updated to V3.1 by Benjamin Niemann
pink AT odahoda DOT de
Copyright 2003-2008

Documentation Map

The focus of this page is to provide a comprehensive and well-organized map of StringTemplate documentation on this wiki, plus pointers to other complementary documentation on, and elsewhere.

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Alerts to Developers

  • The StringTemplates distribution includes many unit tests that also represent a useful set of examples. The tests are defined in:





  • Please see the Release Notes, changes, and Bugs page
    • These pages generally discuss the Java version of StringTemplate but, some of the information they contain might apply to other implementations.