3.1 Release Notes

StringTemplate 3.1 Release Notes

Brought to you by that maniac that brings you the ANTLR parser generator!

Terence Parr
University of San Francisco
parrt at cs dot usfca dot edu
Copyright 2003-2008
http://www.stringtemplate.org (StringTemplate released under BSD License)

Version 3.1, January 23, 2008

3.1 fixes a number of bugs (see the Bug list) and adds a few nice new features.


  • added elseif.
    See Conditionally included subtemplates
  • added format option. See Object rendering#Format Option
  • updated group.g and eval.g so that list literals can have empty atoms like
    $["a",,"b"]:{n | ...}; null="nullstring"$
  • Caleb Lyness revamped entire TestStringTemplate to run under windows.
  • Added 16 bit char unit test.
  • Allows unicode escapes as expression literals but only if it's the whole
    expression: <\uFEA5\n\u00C2> Previously could only do one char and just
    the special ones like <\n>.

Bug fixes

  • ST.dup() was not copying renderers field.
  • _ was not allowed in group/interface.g but in group.g. Now _ is allowed as first char.
  • John Snyders submitted a bug fix for length() and for format option. Renderer was being for string expr options
  • Thomas Brandon pointed out that we have a bug in our if/else computation. You could not reference super.attr inside the if/else sub templates.
  • i0 was not set when you applied a template to a single value.
  • ST-18 fixed. put close in a finally block.
  • "default" as a key (the string not keyword) was not a valid value in map. I had testLiterals looking even at strings in lexer for group.g. Fixes ST-15.
  • Property "getters" that return arrays were not converted to internal data structures necessary for ST to iterate over those elements.
  • Made convertArrayToList create an ArrayWrappedInList so it doesn't copy arrays any more.
  • Updated group.g to allow default clause by itself in map (from Caleb Lyness)
  • reader was not closed in PathGroupLoader.
  • $first(list).prop$ was not allowed. Fixed and added a unit test.