Errors Reported by the ANTLR Tool

Place holder for enhanced errors and documentation after self hosting v3 is implemented. Please ingore this page until development is finished and this message goes away.

When the ANTLR tool is run against your grammar file (usually something.g), then if you are lucy, it will parse perfectly the first time, with no warnings and no errors. However, when developing a gramamr it is more usual to get back some errors. Currently all the error messages are given in the locale en_US only as we have had no volunteers to translate the error messages into other languages. However, even if the message itself is in your local language, the messages you see will havea symbolic name such as CANNOT_CLOSE_FILE. Messages will also include a URL wwhich if you follow it, will take you directly to a more verbose explanation of your error, should one be available. You are asked to read the description of the error message before posting questions to the interest group.

The following messages may be generated by ANTLR:

To be continued...