ST4 early access

Hi. I think it works but need some more people to test. Getting more and more confidence that it works as I build ANTLR v4 (3/19/2010).

you'll see source and a tarball with src/.class files.


Differences between v3 and v4

Try out the STViz inspector. totally awesome. Say ST.inspect() instead of render() and the window will pop up.

I don't have much of a right at the moment; the unit tests will help. Main changes:

  • ST.add not setAttribute
  • ST.render() not toString()
  • ST not StringTemplate
  • STGroup not StringTemplateGroup
  • no "group" header in group files
  • need template definition in template files like foo(x,y) ::= <<...>>

Try ErrorManager.v3_mode to get some backward compatibility.