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ANTLR3 Code Generation Targets

Code generation for the following target languages is currently in development, testing or is complete. Visit the page for each target language for more information - hopefully the persons dealing with each target language will update their respective rows in this table with their current status.

See also Target API documentation and How to build an ANTLR code generation target.


Irresponsible Person



Luke A. Guest

Currently dormant.


George Scott (initial port, not actively maintaining)

In sync up to 3.2, but currently not in active development.


Jim Idle

In sync with ANTLR3 development. Use the .tgz files under the dist subdirectory to build the runtime.


Gokulakannan Somasundaram  (was Jim Idle & Ric Klaren)

Created on antlr-3.4 and hence in sync with only antlr-3.4

C#; C# 2

Maintainer: Johannes Luber
(contributed by: Kunle Odutola and Micheal Jordan)

In sync with ANTLR3 Development to 3.3, but a few errors make it beta for 3.3. There are separate targets for .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.

C# 3

Maintainer: Sam Harwell

(Added post-release 3.1.3) In sync with ANTLR3 Development, except no support for the -debug or -profile flags yet




Emacs ELisp

Ola Bini

He's working on this at the moment;

Objective C

Alan Condit, Kay Roepke

Current with 3.3 version.


Terence (parrt at cs usfca edu)

In sync with ANTLR3 Development


Joey Hurst

In sync with ANTLR3 Development


Benjamin Niemann

Current with 3.1.3


Kyle Yetter, previously Martin Traverso

Current with 3.3


Bernhard Schmalhofer

Inactive. No code produced yet. Takers wanted.


Ron Blaschke ron at

Early prototyping.  Simple lexer is working.


Sidharth Kuruvila, Yauhen Yakimovich, Geoff Speicher, Rolland Brunec

Primary milstone is aimed at verification of Lexer, Parser generation. The work towards implementation of StringTemplate is in progress

Oberon (yes, Oberon)

Dominik Holenstein

Planning and analyzing. First version expected for


Matthew Lloyd


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